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Reviews of Books on Prayer

Review of Prayer Life by Pablo Martinez

All the books we review here, we would recommend! However, whilst one star books are helpful,  four star books are definitely worth hunting down. We'd love to receive your comments on the books we've reviewed, or any reviews of other books about prayer that you've read and would recommend - please do e-mail us at with a write-up of your favourite.

Reviews of :
Angela Ashwin, Patterns not Padlocks
Jill Briscoe, Prayer That Works 

Owen Collins, The Times Book of Prayers and Readings
Michael Forster,  A Story, a Hug and a Prayer
Peter Hansen, Long Wandering Prayer
Jane Holloway, Prayer for Amateurs
Bill Hybels, Too Busy Not to Pray
Pablo Martinez,  Prayer Life
Bruce Wilkinson, Prayer of Jabez

Featured Book :
Prayer Life by Pablo Martinez

All of these prayer books can be purchased on line, through our associates program with